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To the Valley News:

“LOL!” as they say in internetease. The little front page article in the Jan. 18 issue of the Valley News immediately reminded me of the situation that many feel exists in our society today. I got a chuckle out of it. An old sailing term came to mind: “two sheets to the wind.”

Nothing personal on Justice Dawson, whom I recall nothing of, but if he was a State Supreme Court Justice for 14 years he must have been doing something right. Errr; well, you know what I mean!

So there is this little sailor on the happy ship unbound. This little sailor could be you; he could be me. Either way he should be minding his own business rather than prodding the good captain with, “sir, might there not be rocky shoals out there upon this dark and disquieted sea?” For the sea is vast and there is certainly plenty of room to bob about upon it unbound. Indeed, perhaps the soiled utterance simply goes unheard, drowned out by the happy din of drink and revel.

Your writer thinks we are well along on the “circuses” part of the whole ordeal. Circuses are to be entertaining. We are, I think, if not the most doped up generations in the history of mankind, the most entertained. Perhaps it is high time we put some faith in the grandest circus man has ever known for, as well as being distantly horrifying, it is magnificent, and to raise a glass of bubbly, perhaps even half a dozen as example set forth by the good judge, and simply enjoy!

Michael Peden


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