Paul Revere rides again?

To the Times of Ti:

In April 1775 Paul Revere famously rode his horse to Lexington, Mass., to warn of a British invasion. Today, he would probably sound this clarion call, “The liberal-progressives are coming! The liberal-progressives are coming!”

The invading forces have begun their assault all over the North Country. With the election of their highnesses Barack Obama and Andrew Cuomo liberal-progressives have been inspired to think that they can save us from ourselves.

And make no mistake about it, they are in the midst and they speak the language fluently. Code words such as sustainable development, regionalism, tolerance, reproductive choice, gun control/confiscation, global cooling/warming/climate change, common core standards and environmental/social justice are all in their dictionary.

It’s deceitful terminology that sounds very nice, but in reality they weaken our country’s sovereignty, economy, military power, morality and resolve. I urge all concerned citizens to observe carefully at your town/county board meetings to see if you hear anything peculiar and ask questions. Also keep your eye on a myriad of non-profit organizations who desire to expand their powers while restricting your rights.

Remember, liberal-progressives dress as wolves in sheep’s clothing, so stand guard and be diligent!

John P. Sharkey


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