Bad weed

To the Editor:

I offer anecdotal evidence regarding the intoxication by marijuana and therefore suggest that people wait for properly prepared weed before imbibing. Then see if your performance on a video game is better or worse. If you play an instrument or draw, make a video of what you do under maryjane. Remember intoxication is cumulative and remains two weeks.

Firstly, as a Deportation Officer at Philadelphia INS, I had to handle a Chilean young man whose buddies gave him hemp sprinkled with angel dust (PCP). His buddies dumped him on the street when he attacked his date. Following our Operations Instructions, we took him to Public Health, another federal agency. The USPHS doctors had a translator with an anti-INS bias. They wanted to talk to him alone until he tried to jump out the window of their 12th floor office. I learned that treatment of such symptoms was treated by Haldol, not thorazine. Thorazine in a body contaminated by PCP may result in catastrophic lowering of blood pressure.

Secondly, I supervised the detention and deportation of a male Jamaican national. When the investigator finally gave me the Order to Show Cause in his case it was latish Friday night and he still had to be transported to the Salem County Jail in New Jersey. Since he responded to my questions whether he understood, he gave me the constant mellow slurred, “Yaahh Munnnn.”

So I made an extra copy and put it in the file. After two weeks, we brought him up to see the Immigration Judge (an ALJ).

The first thing he said was, “Why am I being kept in jail. No longer mellow, he appeared quite sober and irate. His clear eyes flashed! I learned that Salem County Jail did not offer drug canteen privileges. I think we got him on Air Jamaica that night or the next day.

So marijuana can be contaminated. It can affect judgment. It tends to involve people with others who make poor choices, including improper nutrition and possibly hypothermia.

Gail Durand


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