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More bad weather to talk about. The road crews are always out and doing a great job. Again so much ice but spring is on the way.

Sorry for no news last week. Time just seems to fly by. I am staying with my Dad now. Thanks for all your prayers for him.

I had to go see the Cardiologist on Tuesday and had to have a Cardioversion ( wrong spelling) on Friday.

Sue Rawson is home from the hospital from having the same thing.

Dale Warrington is in Albany Med. Her family are with her all the time.

There will be a Ladies Luncheon Tea at the Sodom Community Church on Feb 15th from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. The cost will be $7.00. Flossie Bates will be our guest.

Casaundra Bacon is home from hospital and staying with family.

Happy Birthday to: Rebekah Allen Kuricose, Carli Myers, Tony Millington, Tracy Kramar, Justin Bacon, Jesse Bradway, Eve Carmody, Sarah Beth Allen lay, Leon Dalaba, Shanne Schott, Matt Allen, Breanna Hayes, Faye Knowlton Mohl, Laura Nevins, Laurie Viele, Jenna Farrell, Oliver Dalaba, Grace Allen, Dixie Potter

Happy Anniversary to: Patrick and Greta Johnson

Enjoy each and every day.

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