Kudos to Crown Point

To the Times of Ti:

In response to a letter submitted to “Letters to the Editor” by a Ticonderoga resident in the Dec. 28 issue, I must ask, who are you to point fingers at those who stand up for what they believe is in their best interest?

Mr. Wray, a study was done, and yes it did cost the tax payers money, well spent money. I read the final results of this study (all 125 pages) on whether or not to have Crown Point merge with Ticonderoga. The study was done by outsiders with no conflict of interest and although I found a few errors, it was concise.

Shame on you for not understanding what was at stake for Crown Point citizens. I believe whole heartedly that a merge would be devastating to many tax payers now and have possible negative effects for future possibilities for the education of our children. You somehow believe that a “million dollar savings” is possible. In reality it is people like me that end up paying for the debts of Ticonderoga’s School District. Don’t chastise the good people of Crown Point for doing the right thing and kudos to the school board that represents them.

Tim Gautreau


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