Set the record straight

To the Times of Ti:

I’m setting the record straight – again. Back in 2000 we had only looked at the house #16 Baldwin Road – we never even made an offer on the house at that point. We then received a phone call at the house in Chestertown (where we were living at the time) that we had trespassed on someone’s property with our snowmobile(s) – Sorry Incorrect! Snowmobile was in storage at that time and we were living in Chestertown at the time?

An over the years the harassment has gone on! So from the beginning, a group of people did not want us to move into the village of Ti? A warning to us I guess? Now for the newest thing people are upset about. The southwest corner of Baldwin Road and Alexandra Ave. Ye where the red dump truck was for sale over the years and a few other things. My understanding is you think this is not on our property. Sorry, incorrect again! Just so you know over the years it has been surveyed a number of times. The railroad has surveyed this, the Hydro Plant did a survey, (Glens Falls firm – I have this survey). A surveyor from Eagle Lake did one (I have this one also), then Pride had it surveyed for the walk bridge over the spillway and the sidewalk project. We also had Mr. Hall do a surveyor from Elizabethtown (have that too). Most people heading east who make the turn onto Baldwin Road from Alexandria Avenue don’t even realize they are driving over our property! Yes – our property is under the blacktop on that corner! Surprise!

Yes the town or county paved over the concrete monument! (No way this is possible!) This monument marker has been used as a reference point for other property and projects surveys for 13-plus years that I am aware of. So if you would like to spend the taxpayers money and my family’s included, go ahead make the town do a new survey again and again. But if you would like to see our survey for free, make an appointment (all the property is posted!) and will be happy to show you phone # is 518-585-6369 ask for Richard. If you have something to say to me, then tell me to my face please. And I will be happy to tell you what I think of you to your face.

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