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A commercial about “the touch and feel of cotton, the fabric of our lives” brought to mind patchwork quilts and how our lives are a patchwork created by our many diverse experiences.

Years ago women made quilts from their old dresses and their children’s clothing. When they gathered with friends to stitch quilts, they must have remembered the times when they wore the clothes. In that way their experiences remained fresh over the years. A glance at a particular patch would bring to mind a special occasion.

Some quilts are sewn with simple squares. Others are structured with a specific, repeated pattern, while crazy quilts are made up of oddly shaped and colorful pieces fitted together. Nowadays few of us make quilts, and those who do probably purchase contrasting calico at the fabric store.

In our busy modern world we fail to be introspective, to study the fabric of our lives, to see if there are repeated patterns. Is our life quilt a simple and straight forward design, or is it one of those crazy quilts?

Perhaps this New Year is the time to take stock.

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