New board, new vision

To the Valley News:

I’m sure few would be surprised to hear me say that I’m delighted to have a new Town Board of Elizabethtown who will, without question, return our local government process to one of legally proper procedure.

Taxpayers will once again be able to attend a budget meeting and actually get answers to the most pertinent questions, such as, “ How much are our taxes going up?” Tax Caps are a false indicator. Please note the absence of the November public hearing for the budget on the town web site, or on TV, or in the newspapers.

It might be too late to legally bid the engineering contract for the half-a-million dollar water meter project, which violated both state law and local procurement policy, but it’s not too late to inform the taxpayers of the status of the sewer project and it’s $156,000 lawsuit brought about by a bungled attempt to change the sewer district without a town board vote or resident input. It’s been nearly two years and there has been no public explanation or discussion in a town board meeting. I ask the new board to inform us of the implications of this issue.

I ask the board to not worry about a town hall art gallery or coffee hours, but fix our sidewalks and roads instead. Provide for our infrastructure and safety. Be able to explain the budget and taxes.

The golf course project was started three years ago and still isn‘t done. If necessary, bond for the needed money and finish it, as was suggested 18 months ago. The probable increased revenue is important to all of us.

If cameras are needed in the town hall, do it by a legal vote of the board, with a policy for the employees, not by secret decree of the Supervisor, using personal cameras, which filmed entire rooms, not just doorways.

I ask the board to oppose this Comprehensive Plan. We have enough town wide APA land use regulation already and no level of government has the tax money required for the grandiose hamlet plans.

If you’ve never heard of “Agenda 21,” Google it, then look for the local methods of controlling your property and more. It’s Comprehensive Plans.

Ken Fenimore,


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