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In getting around the community and learning of the many great way that people reached out to many others over the holidays, makes me proud and happy to live in Willsboro. This past week I had the services of a “Good Samaritan helping me out. One day this past week as I journeyed out on the icy driveway to get my mail, I fell face first down along the road way. A driver saw it happen and came to my aid, helped me back up on my feet, made sure that I was safely back in my home, which was great, but the next day as he was passing and saw my son getting the mail stopped to see how I was doing, so many thanks to David Martin. Also earlier this week a deer came out in front of a school bus and was hit. Children were on board and in very short order there were many helping hands to assist with the situation, again great place to live. A special thanks to our Public Highway Department workers for coping with the recent bad weather and making our main roads passable very shortly so that people could get where they needed to go.

The new Town Board members have now taken over their newly elected offices. There was a need to fill one vacant spot on the Town Board and this was done by the appointment of Lane Sayward who received the 2nd highest public vote in November. Congratulations to Lane as she is looking forward to serving.

The town was nicely decorated for the holiday, but I do miss the large ever green tree in the downtown park area not being lit. The Adirondack Hardware Store did donate the needed lights but for what ever reason they did not get on the tree. I did receive some word that there is a need for a piece of equipment that would reach the top of the tree to string the lights. Hope there is someone out there that can help with this next year??

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