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It’s so hard to know who and what to believe any more. Our political system has played the spin card so often on the American public, they may have spun themselves completely out of sight. Combine that with a national media that has a greater interest in Hollywood glitz, sensational reporting and little to do with true investigative watch-dogging. What we are left with is a completely uninformed and confused public.

Last week’s big news was all about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) and what the press has declared “Bridgegate.” The national media seems to pull out the old ”-gate” thing whenever they think they’ve got a good, juicy political scandal in the making. Their ability to be creative this year, however, was likely used up when they recently conjured up the term “polar vortex” to describe the cold spell that hit the country in early-January.

“Was the purposeful closing of several lanes on the most traveled bridge in the US done for political reasons?” and “Did Governor Christie have any involvement?” are the big questions that will now be bantered about ad nauseam until the next big news story hits.

Who can we really believe anymore? The governor has a reputation as a no-nonsense leader. A man who has proven he can be a formidable opponent attracting voters from all spectrums, but nonetheless, he’s still a politician at heart and not above political posturing. The governor claims to be embarrassed at the actions of his staff and, as yet, no evidence has come forward connecting him to the closures. His apology news conference and tour last week was in stark contrast to the previous apologies by President Obama when scandals rocked his administration. The contrast was so different it seems almost too convenient of an opportunity to attract the nation’s attention and demonstrate his leadership style as compared to that of the President or other possible contenders for the Oval Office in 2016.

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