Reader got meaning of cartoon wrong

To the Editor:

I may be wrong, but I believe Mr. Gardner’s interpretation of the political cartoon published in the News Enterprise on Dec. 20 (“Bigoted Cartoon”, News Enterprise, Letters to the Editor, Jan. 4) was in error. My view of that cartoon was that it underscored the gross hypocrisy of some large corporations that, while showing disregard for any morality whatsoever by wreaking havoc on their community (for example, by underpaying their workers and polluting the environment), they would take advantage of any opportunity they had to NOT provide health care insurance to their employees by pretending to be bound by some moral or religious belief.

If we, as a country, had elected to provide our citizens with universal health care as the healthier developed countries of the world have, we wouldn’t be struggling with all these difficult legal and religious nuances of Obamacare. (But we would likely be struggling with an angry medical insurance industry.) Nevertheless, Obamacare does not “curtail religious freedom” it only tries to make sure that organizations and individuals providing medical care to the general public do not discriminate in the care they provide based on their own religious beliefs. That would be tantamount to forcing one’s religious beliefs on another person. Lawsuits currently before the Federal Courts are attempting to untangle some of these areas of confusion and contention.

Wes Dingman

North Creek

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