Panther pride

To the Editor:

Shame Mr. Richard Wray? (“Shame on Crown Point” letter Dec. 28)

The Crown Point-Ticonderoga school merger would not be a merger, but, in fact, a takeover. This same takeover has been the pipe dream of “small citizens group” for more than 20 years.

Crown Point residents would have no difficulty imagining what such a takeover would look like. It’s thoroughly insulting for non-residents to question what kind of school environment the people of Crown Point want raise their children in while an opportunistic few envision Crown Point soaking up Ticonderoga’s substantial debt.

Meanwhile, Ticonderoga kids would continue to walk about with their faces painted in Ti-pride, cheering on their cherished football team, subsidized by Crown Point taxpayers. Charming.

Crown Point has been a quality school for a very long time, and one with pride in it’s own educational and sports accomplishments.

If the Ticonderoga school has a cash flow problem, here’s a suggestion; cut expensive non-essential school programs, perhaps some team sport with very high insurance premiums.

Brian Hudon

Crown Point

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