Beware: children follow their parents’ example!

To the Editor:

The area news media recently covered the tragic story of Clifford Burns, a man who had a long history of committing abuse, culminating in his commission of homicide to a family member. What I found of special interest was, his father had a history of aggression that rivaled that of his son.

In the more than 40 years I have worked with struggling youth, I found this scenario all too familiar. We tend to seek out and imitate that which we know best. So, the abused child often grows up to become the abuser.

Parents, ask yourself two questions: Is your behavior what you would hope to see in your child as a grown-up?

And, how does your child see you — and is it the way you want them to see you?

The cycle can be broken, and the best tool available is introspection.

Irv West


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