The last year for the village of Keeseville | Keeseville Column

Well, 2013 is in the past and 2014 has started. This will be the last year for the village of Keeseville. A lot of changes are ahead of us. We all need to get active now with the current Keeseville, Ausable and Chesterfield officials to make this as smooth a transition as possible.

The North Country Honor Flight has had a tremendously successful year and a lot more is planned for this new year, so it needs our help both physically and financially to achieve its commendable goal of getting as many World War II veterans to the Memorial in Washington D.C. as possible.

The recent ice has made the AuSable Chasm and Wickham Marsh incredibly beautiful and very much worth the trip to visit them both.

For such a small community we have an amazing library with our Keeseville Free Library as well as a wonderful museum with the Anderson Heritage Falls Society. Both have so much to offer and do. I strongly encourage everyone to visit both of these great institutions and see for yourself how great they both are.

Hopefully, I will use this year and many of the resources we have to do more chronicling of the history of our community from Anderson Falls to Keeseville to what lies ahead for us. We have a varied and deep history here covering an amazing range of interests and topics. As a writer I’ve been thrilled with the subject matter available to me right here in my own neighborhood.

My cat has been enjoying all the glistening ice from her perch in the living room window. She missed watching a resourceful squirrel who managed to pull off one of the perches on my birdfeeder so he could stick his entire head in the opening to get more seeds. Thankfully, he left the perch abandoned on the ground below the feeder, so I should be able to reattach it at some point. Happy New Year everyone, I wish you all the best this new year.

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