Conscientious team

To the Times of Ti:

Responding to the second appearance of “poor management” regarding the “Schroon Transfer Station Turns Around” in the Times of Ti, I would like to make the following statement.

Several years ago, at the suggestion of many constituents who were seeing “free dump” programs in other towns and at the recommendation of our highway superintendent, our town board collectively agreed to institute a “Free Dump Week.” The highway superintendent suggested that having the “free week” would make much less work for his crew collecting trash thrown over banks and left at roadsides. At the time, it certainly made sense to do whatever we could to “clean up the town” so to speak.

After monitoring the program a few years, it appeared that the program caused a loss of revenue of approximately $60,000 annually. I brought this information to the town board, at which time we immediately decreased the “Free Dump Week” to “free tickets for certain items only” in a continued effort to respect the highway superintendent’s recommendation and not have trash reappear at roadsides, and to appease taxpayers enjoying the program. Of course, not everyone agreed with the program which is very common with whatever decision that is made by town boards.

Just before I retired, I made the new town supervisor aware of my findings regarding the “free tickets” as well as some employee concerns that I had and suggested that since I was retiring, he look further into the transfer station operations. I would like to commend the new supervisor for taking the steps to “turn things around,” thus revenues have been restored at the transfer station.

However, I would also like to make it clear that in the 12 years that I served as town supervisor I worked very closely with our town board. I am proud to say that our town board always worked very diligently with whatever we felt was in the very best interest of our constituents. I am enjoying retirement immensely, but since “my board” continues to work on, I wanted to reassure the public that they have a great, conscientious team serving the town of Schroon.

Cathy Moses, retired supervisor


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