Disagrees with letter

To the Valley News:

I would first like to sincerely thank the Valley News for a positive and objective write up about pot laws and especially for choosing to print the letter from Ms. Gail Durand regarding “bad” weed. It was a perfect example of how ignorant even the most successful and educated amoung us are about marijuana. I’m not writing to speak of the medical benefits, or increased tax revenues for legalized pot, or to point out how the sky has not yet fallen on Washington state or Colorado. I am writing simply to point out some of the literal absurdities in Ms. Durand’s six paragraphs. And WOW, there are many to choose from.

For starters, she offers us her “anecdotal evidence” as to why pot is bad. Ma’am, the term anecdotal evidence is used to contrast scientific evidence. Which, truth be told, was a perfect way to begin your absurd letter. In her next paragraph, Ms. Durand makes mention to marijuana intoxication being cumulative and carrying on for two weeks. Please tell us where you get your pot, as any I have tried never seemed to last quite that long.

Next, she admits to us that she worked for the Deportation arm of the INS. I’ve been to Philadelphia. To me, it looks like she is telling us the only two stories about deportations that ever happened in her city! Philly is packed to the rim with illegal and undocumented persons which, if I were you, I certainly wouldn’t brag about. But, I digress, one of those illegals had “PCP sprinkled on his hemp” and tried to jump out a window. Ma’am, nobody reading these words wishes to see PCP legalized or available. You are describing a problem with PCP, not pot. There has been NOT ONE case of contaminated medical or recreational pot. Ever. Laced pot is a problem of the black market that you apparently seem to be so comfortable with. Also, thank you for your lesson in dangerous drugs, Doctor Durand, but, I’m also certain that no person reading this would ever combine PCP with Thorazine. Especially if we had legal access to marijuana! Who needs booze or pills after you try a taste of New York City Sour Diesel!!

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