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I guess the groundhog knew it’s stuff, winter is not over yet. Some of the pushed back snow piles has created very high snowbanks. This makes it hard sometimes to get out of our driveways safely, well it is said that spring will be here soon and most of us are ready.

It was nice that the local Catholic church had a nice memorial service for Catherine Sullivan recently, as her family lives away and they wanted to have her service near them, it kind of left us here not able to have our closing with Cay. She lived her whole career life here in Willsboro and she had many friends here so we did need this time to share our feelings.

I am hearing from several locals that had gone to Florida or other parts in the south for the better winter weather, but their reports tell me the winter there has not been all that great, maybe they will stay here next winter??

It is always great to spend time with the residents at the new Senior Community located in the old school building. They have quite a few now residing there and for the most part it is a great place for our Senior Citizens to live when they no longer feel they can live at home. It does take some time to get used to this new kind of lifestyle and it can never be like our own home. The staff try very hard to serve them as best they can but we all need to remember this is a new kind of residence here in this community. All things new take time for it to reach all that can be offered.

Hope you had a memorable Valentine’s Day, hard to realize that we are now half way through the second month of our new year. The local school is now on their winter vacation break, and several families have gone on vacation trips. Our winter conditions have brought many to the north country to enjoy the winter sports, and reports are that the snow conditions are great.

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