Reader agrees with editorial: ‘Common Core’ initiative is a disaster

To the Editor:

I want to thank your editorial board for the article entitled “Common Core — The Wrong Choice” published in the Feb. 1 edition of the Adirondack Journal and other Denton Publications newspapers.

I appreciated the clear and concise explanation of the history of Common Core and how it is being implemented so badly and unfairly by John King and the state Education Department.

I am a retired educator myself. I never had to teach under the appalling Common Core conditions, but my still-active colleagues have kept me apprised of developments. My dander has been up for quite a while!

I support the New York State United Teachers union’s call for the resignation of John King because I cannot believe that any serious educator would agree to such a program that is so disastrous for the kid’s genuine education.

It seems that students and teachers are being treated as guinea pigs for some sort of perverse educational experiment being guided by professors and bureaucrats who care only about money and their own advancement. Students and teachers are simply being left in the dust.

Responsible people want the students to have a good education, and toward that purpose I offer the following plan of my own:

  1. Eliminate Common Core entirely.

  2. Eliminate Regents testing entirely.

  3. Treat teachers like the professionals we are and give us control of our own classrooms. We are perfectly able to develop our own curriculums and tests without state interference motivated by money and politics.

  4. Fund the schools properly to reduce class sizes.

  5. Develop high standards in teacher education so only the best and brightest are able to become teachers.

These five points make perfect sense to me, and whatever problems may be encountered in their implementation pale in comparison to problems created by the stupidity, greed and arrogance of the Common Core programs — and the bureaucrats forcing them down everybody’s throats.

Dennis Wilson


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