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A blue background patch with white lettering and a gold colored Ruffed Grouse patch was later designed and sent to members. Brush Worn members included all backgrounds in life, blue collar steel mill workers in PA, doctors and professional writers, including Burton Spiller, who wrote the book Grouse Feathers. Frank Woolner and H.G, “Tap” Tapply who was the editor of Field and Stream magazine were also members and fellow hunting buddies.

In the book: “A Passion for Grouse”, Mr. George King states, “ Now that my grouse hunting days are over, I sometimes reflect on how wonderful it was that I discovered grouse hunting in the first place. And I feel grateful that the rich traditions have been kept alive by getting passed from one generation of hunters to the next. Once in a while, when I was hunting in a beautiful covert, I could almost feel a kinship with the weathered men of long ago who hunted places just like this. Now I am one of those old men. I like thinking that somewhere out there, some younger hunter might feel that same connection with me and with all the old timers from the other side of the hill”.

I recently wrote to George to let him know how much I appreciated his book, his writings and his love and passion for the Ruffed Grouse and passing down tradition.

A few weeks later, forgetting I even sent the letter, I received an e-mail from Peggy King.

A connection was made with this man through his writings and I find myself grieving for a friend I never met or knew personally. Only recently, have I discovered this man and his passion for grouse. I’ll always remember these words he wrote. His advice is to take some time and” Soak up some Wisdom”. Take time to sit by that tree and enjoy the moment in the woods with your dog and friends. Getting a grouse is not the only reason to hunt! I agree!

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