Approval of Lake George boat inspection program hailed

— Dickinson has warned that the inspections need to be conducted around-the-clock to maximize the program’s effectiveness.

The S.A.V.E. group has called for “night monitors” to perform this role, and Blais said the group’s members will be working with the park commission to assure such comprehensive coverage.

Conover noted that Lake George was the first major lake in the eastern U.S. to have such comprehensive protection program in place.

“There is no question that Lake George is leading the way in demonstrating what it will take to save our precious waters from aquatic invasives,” he said hailing the Park Commission members for their foresight.

Warren County leaders have launched a program to curb the spread of invasive species through all the county’s waterways. Warned for years by local environmentalists of how many lakes across the U.S. have become choked with pernicious plants, mollusks and other creatures, a majority of the town supervisors have called for a county-wide mandatory inspection and decontamination program.

Although state officials first expressed opposition to the mandated program, their positions have changed.

Pending is a proposed new regulation by the state Department of Environmental Conservation to prohibit launching of boats at any state launch facility that is not clean and drained to prevent invasives from spreading. The agency is now seeking public opinion on the proposal. The public comment period on the statewide regulation is scheduled to end Feb. 24.

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