Editorial gets it right

To the Editor:

Finally!! Someone gets it right. Your editorial in the July 19 Times of Ti, regarding the defensive use of guns, is to be applauded. When so much of the liberal news media is constantly on the attack regarding gun ownership, you have written a piece that will make all the gun control advocates shake their heads with disgust. You can’t reason with them, but thanks for your valiant effort.

Over the last 30 or so years, our country has systematically shut down thousands of institutions for the mentally ill and placed them in mainstream society. The results are and have been predictable. Most of the atrocities committed by people with guns should never have happened because they shouldn’t have had access to the guns in the first place. It is time to place the blame squarely where it belongs…on the person behind the weapon that is used illegally. To cite two cases, the Newtown, CT shooting was committed by a clearly mentally disturbed young man whose own mother allowed him access to weapons he should have never been near. The response was, and still is, to blame the so-called assault rifle. Recently, near the University of California in Santa Barbara another disturbed young man stabbed three people to death before going on a shooting rampage that killed three more. Most of the focus from the media was on the shooting deaths and very little was mentioned about the three stabbings.

As a long time member of the NRA, I receive a monthly publication called American Rifleman, which contains a column called Armed Citizen which highlights several episodes of people who were not victims of a crime because they were armed. Virtually none of these stories make national news. Your editorial gives hope to those who believe in our second amendment.

Roger J. Nolfe


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