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This Saturday evening, on Aug. 30, the Whallonsburg Grange will presents Long Time Courting, a group of four Boston-based women who specialize in Celtic and neo-traditional Irish, Scottish and American music. All four are involved in numerous musical enterprises and are acclaimed for both their playing and harmonizing. The show begins at 7:30 and admission is $10.

Looking ahead, on the following Saturday, Sept. 7, the Grange will host its annual harvest festival from 1 p.m to 5 p.m with food, games and, of course, the famous squirting fire trucks. Admission is only $6 and includes the cook-out.

The menu is a subject of great interest, but as always, Chef Jeremy is keeping tight-lipped about his plans. However, you can be sure the vegetables will be from local farms, and grilled sausages, a Whallonsburg tradition, will be featured prominently.

The town clerk mailed out green cards last week asking if you own a dog. He’s conducting a town-wide dog enumeration and is seeking responses by Sept. 15, so if you haven’t done so, find the card, fill it out and send it to the town hall. Read the card for information on the ins and outs of getting your dog licensed, which is only $5 a year for neutered or spayed dogs.

A friend recently came upon a roadkilled rattlesnake on Lake Shore Road. When I was working in southern California’s Mojave Desert, which is home to many rattlers, my boss warned me to be very careful if I ran over a snake and then got a flat tire. It seems snake fangs can puncture tires and if you aren’t careful handling the tire, you can scratch yourself on a fang and receive a dose of venom.

Although yard sales and tag sales generally hold no appeal to me, Ginny and I went to the North Country SPCA’s sale last Saturday at the Whallonsburg Grange. We like to support the SPCA and found the merchandise to be of very high quality, but Ginny allowed me only one pass through the hall before she wanted to leave. She’s polite, but likes crowds even less than I do.

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