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It is hard to realize that the heart of our summer is fast coming to a close, as Labor Day is only a few days away as you read this column.

We think that our summer is from Memorial Day to Labor Day then it is time to get back into our regular schedule of our lives. It has been sad that we did not get any volunteers for the Adsit Cabin this year and thus it never did open this summer.

Thanks to a very busy person. Charlie

Lustig on call has gone down on request to let people get inside. He did this for a family this past week and sad that things inside were not really set up in the regular order. As a community, we are most grateful for his much-donated volunteer time between the museum and Visitor’s Center every week all season.

The special program “Music By The River” this past weekend was well-received and those in attendance truly enjoyed the event. They also enjoyed the special foods that the youth prepared and sold.

Hope you keep the date of Sept. 3 in your plans to attend the public supper put on by the Methodist Church starting at 4:30 p.m, serving meatloaf, another of their great offerings. These meals can be enjoyed in-house or by take out. Call ahead to 963-8912 to order prior to the day of the supper. The cost is $9 for adults and $5 for children

We learned that our local pharmacy was robbed this past week. Never quite sure how those involved feel they will get away with it, as they will be recorded on film.

It is always sad to start saying our goodbyes to many of our summer residents as they are starting to depart and this will be going on now for several more weeks.

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