Residents voice concerns about potential police move

Photo by Mauranda Stahl-Sorensen.

— A pair of local residents attended the Ticonderoga town board meeting Aug. 14 to say they did not want to see the police department moving to their neighborhood.

Bill Barnhart and Holly Dixon both spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting, stating that they were concerned about rumors that the Ticonderoga Police Department may move from their current home to the Armory.

“I am well aware of the situation with the current police building and financial constraints that the town is facing,” Barnhart said. “I do have concerns with locating the police station in the Armory building.”

Barnhart listed a number of concerns, starting with the increase in traffic that the move could cause.

“With schools located at both ends of the street and busses in the morning and afternoon and other times, do we really want our officers heading out on a call from this location?” he asked. “They could literally find themselves blocked in on Amherst Ave. as a means of egress.”

Traffic would also be a problem on weekends, as well, Barnhart said.

“Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings are especially worrisome as there are services at St. Mary’s which would most definitely block or hinder egress.”

Barnhart also expressed concerns over safety, increased noise and decreased property values, stating that he felt a move to the Armory would, “just not be a good location.”

“Do you really want the police department hidden away in a residential area?” Barnhart questioned. “I believe the police department should be in a highly visible area. We want visitors to our town to have quick and easy access to the police. A residential area does not provide this.”

“I think that I share all of the same concerns,” Dixon said. “I am also concerned about the possible stress on the neighborhood and the safety of the children if the police were to move there. The Armory is located in a very deeply residential area.”

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clutch53crs 1 month, 4 weeks ago

Police Dept placement problem? --- Years ago before the Wal mart built there store I had said to the town they should build a Community center in that spot. Town offices to town services, fireman field and a recreational center. That's long gone now. Now that Lowes is empty why not look into buying  or leasing that building. Put the town offices,police,highway,water,fire,senior/youth center and so on in one place.  Richard.

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