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To the Times of Ti:

Two letters in the Times of Ti Aug. 2 edition caught my attention. One was from Ticonderoga Supervisor Bill Grinnell who complained about the State “Playground” costing North Country taxpayers more than those who live outside it. This is a good point but Mr. Grinnell should not have refused an invitation to attend the Adirondack Challenge! He should have gone and rallied the other elected officials of the North Country! Mr. Grinnell lumps in low assessments on State land, education funding and development rights in his letter, as he is most probably frustrated with a lack of funds to carry out his agenda. He fails to see the folly of blaming the Governor, as there are many factors that must be considered. The most important one is loss of residents as the exodus continues from all over the North Country. This translates into a smaller tax base as costs continue to rise for education, highway maintenance, fire protection and a host of other needs. The problem has existed long before Governor Cuomo ever took office and it will continue when he is long gone. Mr. Grinnell putting the blame on the Governor will not solve the problems he speaks of and he should have known this before taking office.

The second letter that caught my attention does the same as the first in that it blames our President for ills that he has no control over. John Sharkey uses his old tired message blaming President Obama for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi two years ago. He goes on to blame the President for consenting to the IRS targeting of “Conservative Organizations” and bringing in thousands of illegal immigrant children. He feels our President should be impeached for these happenings as well as others he has fabricated in his mind. Mr. Sharkey evidently forgot about the 243 Marines killed in Lebanon by a truck bomb while President Regan was in office. By his way of thinking President Regan who ordered our Marines to “Stand Down” should have been impeached! In point of fact President Regan never retaliated for these deaths! If Mr. Sharkey had his way he would blame President Obama for the fiasco at the Bay of Pigs and the sinking of the Maine! Mr. Sharkey states “President Obama is attempting to overwhelm the system”! Never mind that President Bush put us in a war that took thousands of American lives and will continue into the next century and beyond! I believe the John Sharkeys of this world are overwhelmed with their own tirades and blaming others is a way of life for them. This being said I don’t expect him to stop using blame as a way to discredit those he dislikes. I would like to see Bill Grinnell act as a responsible Supervisor and put the blame for Ti’s problems where they belong. By all means Mr. Grinnell carry your words to the State Capitol on a placard and lobby our elected officials. Pointing blame doesn’t get action but being truthful does.

Gary P. Guido 


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