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Q: I see a lot of women with great haircuts/colors, but always come away from the salon disappointed. Why can I not seem to get it right?

A: First, tell them you LOVE their hair and ask those women who cuts and colors it! Most women will take this as a huge compliment and share the details of their stylist. Try them out, and be sure to share how you came to be a client. We believe that everyone responds to a sincere and genuine compliment and your new stylist is no different. He or she will be flattered that you made the effort to seek him or her out of the crowd. We believe that you’ll have the best luck with a stylist who takes the time to understand your hair type and asks questions about your lifestyle. Bring a picture/photo and ask for honest feedback, BEFORE the process starts. If they say it won’t work for your hair type/face shape…they are the professionals, believe them! Hold out on making your next appointment by washing and styling yourself for a week to see how you manage your new look. If you are struggling, ask for an appointment for styling instructions.

Q: This may seem petty but I find myself in this situation often enough that I welcome your advice. I love to entertain but I find that many people do not RSVP to an invitation. Is this a lost social courtesy? I find myself calling my guests a few days before a gathering to find out if they plan to attend. I find this awkward for both of us. Do you have suggestions for how to handle this with tact and grace?

A: We share your frustration and believe that responding is still a social courtesy that should be paid. Good manners never go out of style. We applaud your straightforward approach to getting your numbers set; however, you may want to try an e-vite. Many of us are electronically connected and you may find your guests respond more quickly and with greater frequency when they can reply via email or text. While this may seem a bit far removed from a warm response, you may find your guests appreciate the convenience and will RSVP as the new habit.

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