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Dear Readers:

We often get quick questions that require quick, short-and-sweet, answers…so we have decided to group these together for a energizing spring column. Happy SPRING!

Q: My girlfriends often ask me to go shopping with them so they can try things on and get some honest feedback. Some of the outfits are truly awful. What should I say that doesn’t hurt feelings but helps my friends find the right look?

A: Verify that they want honest feedback before you get started. Once shopping, ask them to only present the outfits that they think are pretty good and then comment honestly…specifically about fit, length, color and/or qualities that flatter their best features. Targeted comments move the focus to the look and not the person, thereby minimizing the potential for hurt feelings. If really at a loss, discuss when they would wear it and with what….fleshing out the whole outfit with shoes and accessories will sometimes make it clear that it is good…or not so good.

Q: You often talk about updating wardrobes, homes, etc…everything in my home is dated, like 1980’s, where do I start?

A: Set the mood with a little Cyndi Lauper playing in the background and decide that this girl is going to have fun joining the 21st century. Start with the wooden furniture in the room(s). Clean it all with a lustery wood cleaner. Most wood furniture is classic in style and can be incorporated into any updates you make. Next, if you have stuffed/upholstered furniture, decide which pieces you like, and then try to experiment with patterns and textures; a little layering, a few pillows, new colors, mixing florals with plaids and prints…..take some risks and your style choices can go a long way! Lastly add a fresh coat of paint from the palette you are using for accessories. Be bold in your choice of color, you will find that a bright setting will reenergize your surroundings.

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