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To the Times of Ti:

The letter from Paul Gilchrist of Diamond Point with regard to Global warming was more political than credible.

Republicans who keep using Al Gore when speaking about Global warming do it as an ego booster never minding the facts. Mr. Gilchrist uses a British High Court ruling about a movie on global warming to make his point instead of using the knowledge of climatologist! Really Mr. Gilchrist, are you also one of those who believe Marina’s aren’t part of the problem for Lake George’s pollution?

What was written is right out of Fox News and I seriously doubt Mr. Gilchrist is a climatologist, historian or scientist. One is entitled to his/her opinion but writing about co2 emissions, the ice age and sunspots goes way beyond one’s opinion.

The fact is our planet is going through a climate change as it has since it’s beginning. Another fact is that climatologist who are experts are telling us this time the change is occurring at an accelerated rate and co2 emissions from industry are contributing! I have to ask why are the Paul Gilchrist’s of this land afraid to take some of the responsibility for what is happening?

This is not the first time man has been responsible for something that affected our planet’s health. We deforested our mountains and polluted our rivers and lakes as well as using our oceans as cesspools! Most conservatives tell me this was done for progress and is different than global warming. Perhaps this is due to their being part of the problem as many doubters are contributors.

Al Gore is one voice and thousands who are educated and knowledgeable about what is happening join him. Those turning a blind eye should stop writing about Medieval, Roman, and Minoan climates, Ice core isotopes, Galileo and Milankovitch subjects they are not educated in. I am not educated with regard to climate change but I am educated enough to listen to those who are.

Fox News is more a comedy show than a credible source and its views should be taken as unsubstantiated and political.

Gary P. Guido


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