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According to a new Rasmussen Survey a mere 9 percent of likely U.S. Voters think it would be better for the country if most of the incumbents were reelected this fall. 72 percent think it would be better for the country if most in Congress were not reelected while 19 percent didn’t care enough to have an opinion.

With so many Congressional representatives not seeking office this fall, this survey number comes as no real surprise. With the tally now just over 50 Senators and House Representatives having announced plans to not seek reelection, not only has the American public lost faith in our elected officials, it would seem many of them are also frustrated with their current status.

It wasn’t long ago that a professional respect existed for the members of the house and senate. They understood how to work together to accomplish things both for the good of the country, for their constituents and for their party. Now it appears things have deteriorated so badly that the country would rather wipe the slate clean and start over then to go through another election cycle of this constant bickering with little accomplished.

These survey results stood in sharp contrast this week to a reflective overview of last weekends gathering at the George H.W. Bush presidential Library in College Station, Texas to mark the 25 years since he took office as our 41st President.

George H. W. Bush is rarely given credit for his accomplishments. Despite serving with a Congress firmly under the control of the opposing party, together they passed several landmark pieces of legislation. A Clean Air Act that did what it was designed to do. Americans With Disabilities Act that has made significant changes to our landscape and opened new opportunities to those so impaired. He was also responsible for passing a Civil Rights Act that he was forced to veto in order to get it right before signing into law.

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