Recalls and take downs

With millions of these G.M vehicles already over the 100,000-mile mark on the odometer, why the sudden urgency to ground fleets of the cars?

Many G.M. cars have well over 100,000 miles and; so far, no ignition-failure problem.

Are the ignition failures in vehicles with over 100,000 miles or under? (We don’t seem to know.) No matter, why should we stop driving our car based on a few accidents (and deaths)?

We are told that there’s a problem with the airbag power. Well, what we don’t hear in the news reports is the fact that G.M. passenger airbags (the bags in question of failure) have a backup power source; part of engineering-in safety in-depth.

So, we must agree with G.M. attorney David Balser. He told the Texas judge hearing the case that grounding 2.53 million cars would be “unprecedented” and “cause chaos.”

How about the math: 31 crashes and 12 deaths since 2001 out of 2.53 million vehicles; not something for G.M. to be proud of, yet it doesn’t take an Alan Turing to notice that 31 events out of 2.53 million in 13 years is, well, not something requiring the grounding of an entire fleet.

An observation: If there is a bona fide catastrophic flaw running through every single ignition switch installed in 2.53 million cars, wouldn’t there be a far higher number of crashes and deaths that we’d be hearing about?.

How are other G.M. drivers reacting to all this?

There is a Facebook-based group of recreational Chevrolet HHR owners. Members are still cruising around and enjoying their fun, spiffy retro-styled cars. Sure, the news is unsettling, but remember that so much of what we hear in the media is composed of equal parts of hype and hysteria. Spurned owners aside, when there are DOJ and other lawyers sniffing the water for corporate blood... Need I say more?

Will G.M. end up exactly like Toyota—a one-way trip to Shakedown City. Will it be forced to pay out for a problem that, at least statistically, doesn’t appear as catastrophic as first reported by the news media and the attorneys of victims and consumer groups.

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