Turning Back the Pages

The fire broke out about 4 o’clock starting from a defective chimney in the kitchen. It was discovered by one of the help who smelled smoke and following the scent found the flames eating into the wall around the chimney. The people in the house were hurriedly awakened and were forced to flee from the burning structure in their night clothes.

The village has no fire protection and it was impossible to combat the flames which spread with such rapidity that the building was soon reduced to ashes. The hotel would accommodate 100 guests and was kept open year-round. It was purchased about 25 years ago and has since been greatly enlarged and improved. The building was a wooden structure heated by wood stoves. Mr. Anderson says that he will rebuild.

Con artists at work

John Thompson and Paul Resiner, members of the “Mysterious Mamie” gang, who exhibited their wonderful freak of nature show at the recent Warren County Fair in Warrensburgh and skipped out of town after two days leaving unpaid their board bill with Mrs. Grant Turner, were brought back from Fort Plain, Sept. 12, 1913 by Deputy Sheriffs Philip Connell and Lewis Mosher of Glens Falls, and lodged in the county jail. The next day they were arraigned before Justice Hodgson, convicted of the charge and fined $25 each. They had no money but promised to pay the amount as soon as they could scrape it together. Upon this condition the justice suspended sentence and turned them loose to prey upon the gullible public and accumulate the coin.

The men are also suspected of appropriating $35 which Mrs. Turner missed about the time they left her house. This charge they strenuously denied and there was no proof to sustain it.

Mrs. Turner has gained some experience which may be useful to her in future dealings with strangers.

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