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•100 years ago - Sept. 1913•

Water gushes during drought

When Joe Gabel, the baker, was going to his work in Warrensburgh at 5 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 18, 1913 and was passing Music Hall block (corner of Main and Adirondack Avenue), he heard the sound of running water. This was so unusual at that present time that he moved to investigate. Peering into the window of Manzer & Hill’s barber shop he saw the precious fluid streaming from the ceiling in considerable volume. As quickly as possible, he legged it to the residence of H.H. Hill on King St. and brought him to the scene.

The source of the flood was traced to Dr. W.F. Wilkinson’s dental office on the second floor of the building over the barber shop and Wheeler’s News Room and procuring a ladder, Hod Hill gained access to the room through a window and found the water running in a stream from a faucet. A considerable quantity of goods, mostly candy, cigars and sweaters were damaged by the water to the extent of about $75. The damage sustained by Hill and Manzer is probably about $20.

During the present shortage of water to the village system there are several hours during the day, most of the time, where there is not sufficient pressure to force the water to second floor rooms. Tuesday was one of these days and there being no water, Dr. Wilkinson did not notice that the faucet was open and left it that way when he departed the office for the day. For some reason he left the stopper in the waste pipe of the lavatory. The water came on during the night after 10 o’clock and ran steadily until it was discovered by Gabel.

Newcomb hotel consumed in fire

The Wayside Inn, a large three-story hotel at Newcomb, owned and conducted by John Anderson Jr., the Adirondack Lumber King, was destroyed by fire at an early hour the morning of Sept. 11, 1913, with practically all of its contents. The ice house and cooler, laundry and wood house adjoining were also burned. The property was valued at $40,000 and was insured for $18,000.

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