Life at Tri-County Nursing Home is enjoyable

To the Editor:

The Adirondack Tri-County Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, known by us older folks as The Nursing Home in North Crick, is truly a home away from home!

No matter your age; if you become disabled from an accident or have a serious illness you could always find a friendly and caring home in North Creek where there are nurses, aides and medical helpers on duty around the clock. Your loved ones will not only be lovingly cared for but, you will meet and make new friends.

Also, residents here can join in physical therapy to overcome their disabilities with some helpful and knowledgeable staff in this department. There are also daily activities planned for the patients: exercise classes, and games such as Bingo, Dominos, Whamo and Pokeno which keep residents busy passing time enjoyably.

There is also a daily walk for patients who are gaining their strength. The nursing home has a day care service for patients and elderly folks who are bused in and return home after a fun day of activity, crafts and meeting new friends.

At least twice a month there are musical groups and entertainers who come in and perform; and each month there is a birthday party for residents born in that month.

Church services are held each Sunday afternoon by local ministers from nearby churches, and masses are held on Mondays.

There is a big kitchen with many workers who prepare three meals a day for the 80 or so residents and the workers who care for them.

There is also dental care and foot care services, with physicians and dentists who visit occasionally. Also, there’s a beauty shop and a gift shop.

Many events are planned to keep the patients happy and entertained — or they can visit friends in other rooms. Days are long and some cannot move around as they would like, so it’s always good to see them smile when family members visit.

Hal Payne, the man who keeps everything going and is the overseer, seems to be well liked by residents and the helpers. If you have questions about putting your loved one in the home you can call Hal at 251-4712 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Hello to all my friends,

Evie Russell

Thurman/North Creek, former correspondent, Adirondack Journal

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