‘Friendly rivalry’

To the Times of Ti:

The historical record will show that on this date, Barack Obama walked without a smile up to Vladimir Putin, shook his hand, turned to the cameras and smiled, then while exchanging a few words, in less than a minute, turned around again and almost immediately walked away. 

For me there could have been a few minutes of idle chit-chat between these two great military powers at this point in time, but it didn’t happen and I will present my observations. For now, however, I will present my criticism of some members of the house and senate. Some members of the house and senate are not as old as I am, but they have been in congress long enough to know what I know and they have left the president ignorant of the fact that Russia has a huge stockpile of nerve gas. 

I do not believe that Russia will use this nerve gas and I do believe Russia would like my policy of “friendly rivalry.” However, the great amount of nerve gas is so massive and difficult to handle, some may accidentally find it’s way to various factions in different countries. It is exceedingly dangerous. 

What we need is something good to talk about and we could listen to Ann Murray’s thought that “what we need is a little good news today” and here it is: A man with an AK-47 swinging at his side and 500 rounds of ammunition on his person walked into a school in Georgia filled with children recently, only to be met by a young black woman who realized that he was emotionally disturbed and possible mentally handicapped. She took up this situation without having been given any warning and without having had and previous training. 

I would like to talk to any psychiatrist who thinks they may have done as well as this young woman during the 32 minutes while calming him down by talking to him and other people prior to his being taken into custody.

I would like to know her full name that may be Antoinette. No one was injured in anyway and I think newspapers, television and radio missed a good story. 

Stilling Knight

Huletts Landing

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