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Mother/Daughter, cross-generational advice for women and those around them.

Your passion can easily be directed by having concrete goals.  A goal may be as simple as introducing yourself to new people; a yoga mate or a co-worker to build strong friendships with and connections to others in seeking a more positive lifestyle.  It may also be searching outside the workplace for more networking opportunities, or establishing a time-frame for certain attributes to be acquired.  “In 6 months, I want to be acknowledged for BLANK”, or a more work-oriented approach, “I want to be able to add BLANK to my resume.”  Those are some realistic goals that together or separately, can be power-ful.   

Other empowering steps we suggest are:

• Don’t show your weaknesses to the world. Have a few trusted people in whom you can confide.  Leave the others wondering.

• If there are certain people; friends, co-workers, or family members who seem to drain you of energy or leave you feeling uncertain or angry….they are stealing your power and you are letting them!  Recognize it and then decide to respond differently to these offenders.  Having the courage to relay your feelings, or ultimately limiting conversation with them may be your best option, until you feel more secure.

• Get a plan together for some quick goals and some long term goals and align your behaviors with these targets.  A series of good choices is what builds up and gives you confidence in the future.

And DO believe that the women you admire and look to as role models surely have their own personal stories of their path from uncertainty into empowerment!

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