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The letter to the editor that arrived last week raises several valid points, but the author unfortunately can’t resist the opportunity to toss in an insult or two while trying to make his points. We obviously have a disagreement over the controversial “Stop and Frisk” law recently found unconstitutional in New York City. In my opinion, this country needs to get over the racial divide as it only exists if we allow people to use it as a wedge between people of all races. This nation is a melting pot and we need further refining on the racial issues that continue to plague many.

I firmly believe people of all race and color need to be treated equally and judged by their conduct and character. In the letter, Mr. Klieman refers to my example of being stopped in Lake Placid by the police makes the race of the driver irrelevant. And that it’s not the same as a black man being stopped in New York City just for being black. To his point I agree race had no place in my stop and it shouldn’t have played any role at all. But what if I was a black man? Would that have clouded my feelings regarding the stop? Would I have felt that I was unjustly stopped because of the color of my skin? And that is my very point. Stop and Frisk is being conducted both by Caucasian and African American police officers in high crime communities where unfortunately the majority of the population is of colored skin.

In communities where violence is running rampant, this law has helped save lives and taken illegal weapons off the street, which to me is far more important than the race of people who have proven beyond any doubt that they are as equal as any white person in this country. The opportunity to reach for the American Dream has been realized by those who choose to work hard, strive to achieve their goals and help others to do the same. We need look no further than the highest office in the land now occupied by Barrack Obama, as proof of what any person can achieve.

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