Takes issue with publisher’s column

To the Editor:

Is anyone else out there disturbed by the weekly racist rantings of the publisher of (Elizabethtown’s) only newspaper? This time Mr. Alexander likens his being stopped by a policeman for a very good reason — his car resembled that of a vehicle used in a crime, the race of the driver being irrelevant — to the stopping of a black man simply for being black! But then, that’s IT, isn’t it, the absurd non-logic that says that, since some black men commit crimes, then all black men are suspects, because they — the guilty and the innocent — RESEMBLE each other?

How a presumably educated human being arrives at middle age with such a lack of insight is truly puzzling. That he is the voice of a newspaper is an insult to the publication. Well, maybe he’s not the only voice: I urge the Editorial Board to use its own column to separate themselves from their embarrassing boss — unless, of course, they agree with him.

Jeff Kleiman


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