History of homes to be explored

This Saturday, a group of people from across the county will be visiting several historic Thurman homesteads and hearing some stories about local folks from long ago and their exploits. On Sept. 14, the John Thurman Historical Society is hosting A Guided Jaunt into Thurman Homes and History. The event will start with lunch at 11:45 a.m., and then at 1 p.m. a caravan of cars will travel to the sites.

The first stop will be The Amos Bowen Homestead, which may have been one of the stops on the Underground Railroad. Next up is The William J. Baker Farm where you’ll see how residents once lived without modern conveniences. Then at The Steve Wood Farm, people will hear how a young man was driven to commit an unthinkable crime and its consequences. The last stop on the tour will be The William and Chloe Pike Farm, which was built by Irish immigrants and has a story all its own.

Space is limited — call now to reserve a spot. With lunch, the tour is $20 per person and includes a copy of The Quarterly, which will detail all of the stops on the tour, or it’s $13 without the lunch. The tour concludes at about 3:45 p.m. Join the tour — learn new aspects of the town you live in and make some new friends.

Success in school is spelled s-l-e-e-p!

Establishing a good bedtime routine can ensure your child gets the proper amount of sleep to be successful in school. An average child today has so many extra-curricular activities that often they often do not receive enough rest to perform well in other areas.

It has been recommended by some leading pediatricians that school-aged children get between 10 and 12 hours of sleep per night. Bath time and reading a book to your child before bedtime calms the youngster down so that good sleep habits are established early.

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