Back to School Days…

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Now, with Labor Day behind us and the first splashes of tree color developing, children in the North Country will be returning to school.

For some it will be their first time at school. Many will have been to their community school, but only to visit with mom and Dad but never left at school without them.

I can remember my first day of school quite clearly. I had to get up early and I had to take a shower and I had to put on new clothes and shoes that pinched my heel as they were not worn in yet to a more comfortable fit.

The step from the road up to the first step of the bus was big and then getting up on to the seat was a struggle. There I sat, my feet not touching the floor. I had several siblings on the bus so it was not as scary as it might have otherwise been. As I struggled from by bouncy seat, my sister took my hand and brought me to my classroom and told me that she would come see me later.

It seems almost impossible to believe, but one of my greatest difficulties that first day was keeping my pants up. Though my belt was cinched up to the last hole, there just was not very much of me back then and I noticed that other little boys were also struggling. The bigness of everything left a strong impression, the tall ceilings, the tall people, the tall water fountains and the tall buildings.

Many people that I have encountered over the years do remember their first day of school no matter what their perception of the experience might have been. There is no question what an endelible impression that first day of school makes. It goes without saying that these first school impressions may have long lasting impact, good or bad.

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