WOKO host raising money for disabled veterans

— Yet they were successful. People made the trip to the monument to hand the radio station staff their donations in person. They also took phone pledges. People from as far away as New Hampshire sent money.

Sargent thinks the fundraiser is even more special this time, coming on the anniversary of both the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration. The Battle of Plattsburgh took place on Sept. 11, 1814 during the War of 1812. The Macdonough Monument — completed in 1926 — is named after Commodore Thomas Macdonough, who led American forces in a decisive victory during the Battle of Plattsburgh.

Sargent is also glad that the temperature won’t be minus three degrees, like it was the first year.

“It’s a pretty simple thing for people to conceptualize,” Pelkey said. “These are folks who have served our country. They have in many cases been injured or have health issues because of that service, and they’ve been promised health care. Quite simply, we owe it to them to get them that health care.”

WOKO will set up for the broadcast on Monday, Sept. 9. At 6 a.m. Sept. 11, Sargent will head into the monument to start his broadcast. The time he comes down is up to the people of the North Country.

Sargent’s Morning Roundup co-host Rod Hill will be at the base of the monument helping collect donations.

The DAV’s old van will be donated to Homeward Bound Adirondacks, a program that helps veterans and their families integrate back into society. Homeward Bound is not restricted by the federal guidelines regarding when to take a vehicle out of service.

WOKO will be taking phone pledges starting at 6 a.m., Sept. 11, at (800) 554-9890, and (800) 354-9890.

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