State asks boaters to wash off ‘hitchhiking’ invasive species

— “Invasive species present a risk to the ecosystem, impair recreational opportunities on New York water bodies, and can cause billions of dollars in economic losses,” State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens said. “Gov. Cuomo has committed state resources to address this problem, and we encourage all New Yorkers to join this effort by being aware of the threat and taking steps to prevent the spread of aquatic invasives.”

Aquatic invasive species are non-native plants and animals that threaten native plants, wildlife and their habitats. Aquatic invasive species negatively impact recreation for boating, fishing and swimming by clogging waterways, changing the aesthetics of water bodies, and adversely altering natural habitat. Species such as Eurasian watermilfoil, zebra mussels and Hydrilla have already impacted several State Park lakes and ponds.

Recently, Essex and Warren counties passed legislation to help right the spread of invasive acquatic speices into Lake George.

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