Concerned about plan

To the Valley News:

Only about 10 copies of Elizabethtown’s Comprehensive Plan Draft were produced by Supervisor Margaret Bartley in June. The Town Board received copies, but they weren’t made available to the public. Having finally read it, I can understand why.

There can no longer be any doubt that the long range desire is to zone and regulate the entire Town of Elizabethtown. Expanding the size of the “ Hamlet “ is also desired. Once the hamlet is expanded, then hamlet type zoning would follow it. The Cobble Hill corridor is a likely recipient.

If the Plan is approved by the Town Board, implementing the Plan is the first order of business and a new Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee will be appointed.

NYS Law 272-a states that adoption of a Comprehensive Plan is voluntary, but “once an actual plan is adopted, however, all land use regulations must be in accordance with it.“ This means “that Plan adoption is followed by the adoption of a series of zoning laws designed to implement the Comprehensive Plan.” Law 272-a is mentioned several times in the Plan as a determining resource. This Plan is no simple “road map,” or “wish list.” NYS law requires that it be implemented.

Appendix E. of the Plan, explains in detail how the Hamlet’s 3 project “is the basis for this comprehensive plan.” The Hamlet’s projects were funded and supported by environmentalist interests. The property owners, and business owners, of Elizabethtown must read this Plan, and decide if it’s in their best interest. Read it carefully, for the devil is in the details. Regardless of any revisions, I am totally opposed to this Plan, for to enjoy any of it , you must accept all of it.

There will be no public vote for this Plan, nor for zoning changes. There will only be public hearings for you to ask questions, then the Town Board will vote on both. The structure of your town board has never been more important to you.

The unchallenged passage of this Plan will amount to an abdication of your property rights and the surrender of your town to the environmentalists.

Ken Fenimore,


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