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Mrs. Margaret Morgan, a lady of advanced years, of Diamond Point, was found by one of her neighbors unconscious on the floor of her home early on Sunday morning nearly dead from asphyxiation by coal gas. A physician was summoned and she was revived with much difficulty. She had been visiting relatives in Glens Falls and the night before when she had returned home she built coal fires in her kitchen range and when she retired, she closed the drafts.

Alone in the house, she awoke in the night suffering extreme distress from nausea. She arose from her bed and made an effort to reach a window but fell to the floor before she could do so. She became unconscious and just how long it was before she was found is not known. Fortunately a window was raised about two inches and the small amount of fresh air that entered and diluted the deadly gas sufficiently to prolong her life until assistance reached her.

Mrs. W.H. Straight of Warrensburgh, a niece of Mrs. Morgan, received a telephone message about the accident and immediately started for Diamond Point to care for her relative, who is indeed happy to be alive.

Local boy guards Roosevelt

Erwin J. Smith, a former Glens Falls boy, who some years ago left this area to win fame and fortune in the big world, became the manager of the New York office of the W. J. Burns Detective Agency and fast established an enviable reputation for himself in the detective world.

At the dinner recently tendered Col. Teddy Roosevelt in New York by the National and State Progressive service, Mr. Smith was in charge of a squad of Burns men. The sleuths were garbed in evening dress and were seated as to command a view of the entire assemblage. The next day Smith was in charge of a squad of Burns’ men who accompanied the Colonial to the steamer Van Dyke on which he took passage to South America.

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