Is there fire in you?

Guest Commentary

— The Fire Fighter 1 graduation ceremony was held Sept. 26 at the Pottersville Fire House.

Graduating Fire Fighter 1 is more than just moving on to the next grade or moving up to high school/middle school. It’s about being able to answer the calls for help from our friends and neighbors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no holiday pay, time and a half or having weekends off. It means sometimes missing dinners or sleep, sometimes being out all night long in the cold/heat or rain/snow, most community residents would not even know that their neighbor was out trying to help save some ones life or property.

On Sept. 26, these volunteers from all different fire departments from around the area took the oath, to protect life and property and in some cases paying the ultimate price to help keep our communities safe. So the next time you see the fire trucks or ambulance going by with the lights and sirens on take the time to think who they are and what they are doing. This training is the very same training career firemen must take to become firemen in the state of New York. This course is 91 hours long and is a large commitment not only for the members taking the course but by the individual departments with members enrolled in the class. These departments provided the equipment needed for the completion of the course they also provide support and training for the new firefighters.

Also thanks to Warren County Office of Emergency Services Fire Coordinator Brian LaFlure, Deputy Fire Coordinator Scott Combs for offering the course and all the state instructors who took the time out to lend a hand with the lead instructor Issachar Modert. Also thanks to the Pottersville and Chestertown Fire Departments for hosting the class at their facilities.

Is there fire in you? If so, stop by your local fire department and ask if you could lend a hand in helping in your community.

Again, congratulations to these men and women, FireFighters David Brown, LeRoy Catone, Brandon Dunbar, Jennifer Hack, Eric Harrington, Patrick Kushi, Ross Loffler, John MacMillen, William Morrisey, Michael Murphy, Harold Parker Jr., Matthew Simpson, Michael Spoerl, Benjamin Vaillancourt, Scene Support Operations: Darrion Ellsworth, Jill Meade.

Greg Wright

President/2nd Asst. Chief

Minerva Volunteer Fire and Rescue

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