Style & Substance: Two complimentary questions

Consider compensation – giving employees raises for the first 90 days of improved performance and yearly or having a commission/bonus system in place will let you see what motivates your employees. If financial compensation may not be an option for your small business, you may want to offer other performance based incentives such as extra time off or early “closing” on Fridays, or even flexible work hours – anything that shows your employees they are valued.

Dear style & substance:

I feel stuck in my job. What I am doing now and what I really want to be doing are two different things. My current job is a way to pay the bills while I work on getting to where I want to be, so my question is, how do I get there?

We think there are two distinct issues you have presented: 1) Your performance in your current employment and 2) Where is “there?”/where are you trying to get to?

Feeling stuck or hating your job is a choice. You are the director of your professional development. Make the choice to be motivated rather than stuck. Acting motivated becomes being motivated. By setting your personal code of conduct, you create your career path. For example, set a small and achievable goal each day; it could be something as simple as greeting every customer with a smile, organizing a small space – your desk, a shared space, anything that would benefit others, or talking about your place of employment to friends and family in a positive way – this not only promotes your place of employment, it begins changing your perception of your role within the organization. This small shift in your approach will help you to be a better employee, feel better about your current job, and give you the professionalism to move to the next step in your career.

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