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To the Times of Ti:

John Sharkey of Ticonderoga never ceases to amaze me with his take on political issues. His latest attempt was to call attention to news media he feels are pawns to those he calls liberal-progressives! In his recent letter Mr. Sharkey names almost every legitimate news source in the country and states that they are in “lock-step” with these liberal-progressives.

He points out that Fox News, in his view, is number one and that the Tea Party is educating the American public.

Mr. Sharkey is right about the Tea Party educating the public and we the public will remember how they were responsible for tens of thousands of workers losing paychecks during the Republican shutdown! There is also the matter of a loss of $24 billion due to the Tea Party led shutdown and the drain it put on our economy.

As for Fox News it is a soap opera of epic proportions to say the least. Fox consists of a group of con men and women who show their ignorance by delivering more lies than Pinocchio. The truth to them is something for liberal-progressives and not their audience!

It is no wonder Mr. Sharkey would champion them as he has also mastered the art of misdirection over the years as shown in his recent letter. He and Sarah Palin come from the same cloth when it comes to attacking legitimate news sources. Citing Breitbart news as a legitimate news source is like saying Pravda is pro-American. The biased news sources Mr. Sharkey follows are a branch of the Republican Party and lack honesty.

Mr. Sharkey ends his letter by saying his news sources get nothing for their efforts excepting veiled threats and investigations! Like everything else in his ramblings he offers no proof of these remarks, as they are just more of the same rhetoric!

I did notice however that he didn’t mention the Times of Ti, which I feel, gives a fair view of both major political parties without taking sides!

Gary P. Guido


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