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As the holiday season approaches, many families may consider adopting a puppy or kitten, dog or cat as a present for a child or other family member. This can be a wonderful idea; for the pet in question, finding a forever home is as much a present to them as to the people they will come to love. However, it is important to keep in mind that adopting a pet is a long term commitment that can last many years, and to be sure you or your loved one is ready to take on the responsibility of caring for an animal long after the decorations are packed away and the holiday is only a distant memory. Too many pets arrive at the shelter when their owners feel they can no longer care for them. We truly hope that each and every one of our furry friends finds a true forever home and never has to return to the shelter to find a new family. Like a child that never grows up, your animal companion will rely on you for food, shelter, attention, and love for their entire life. It’s a wonderful opportunity to make a friend who will be loyal to the end, but also a significant responsibility.

Our featured pet this week is Stevie, a Russian Blue-mix who is also a Hemingway Polydactyl. Stevie has the most enormous paws with extra toes that make him appear as if he has thumbs! This brave little fellow showed up at a lady’s house with both eyes infected and sealed shut. We immediately took Stevie to our vet, where he was examined, treated with antibiotics and scheduled for surgery. Stevie had one eye removed and he is totally blind in the other, but amazingly, that does not slow him down a bit! Stevie is in foster care; his foster mom can’t say enough good things about him - he is able to navigate her house with ease and gets along well with her dogs. He has healed from his surgery, and is now ready to light up some special person’s life. Stevie really is an inspiration to us that regardless of what adversity you may face, it is possible to come out even stronger than before. Please call and set up a meeting with Stevie and let him inspire you!

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