Response to matinees

To the Valley News:

I am responding to Mona White’s letter in which she wants to know why the Champlain Valley Film Society doesn’t have matinee shows for folks who do not like driving at night. There is a simple answer: The Film Society has to pay a licensing fee for each movie. Unfortunately, if we show a movie twice, we have to pay a double fee. This fee is at least $250 per show. If we showed each film twice, we’d need 100 people paying $5 each to break even. Experience shows that this is an unrealistic expectation.

As board members of the Film Society, we are always looking for ways to better serve our loyal viewers. I fully empathize with Mona’s dilemma about driving at night and I hope that her expressed need will encourage our viewers who do not mind driving at night to offer a ride to persons who might want to car pool. With some creative networking, hopefully, everyone who has a desire will have a way to get to our movies.

The Film Society is a non-profit organization and we barely break even on the one movie that we show. We wish we could show our films more than once, but our finances simply do not allow this. We appreciate the kind things that Mona said about our shows, and we are always open to suggestions that our viewers have for the Film Society.

Sue Reaser

President, CVFS

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