Lake George needs help

A sewer system around the lake needs to be constructed and funds should come from those who are doing the polluting! If one can afford millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars for a lakeside camp they can pay for sewers to carry their waste away from the lake. Many can remember when Lake George camps took their drinking water directly from the lake and one could see the bottom in 30 or more feet! Lake George is in danger of becoming a cesspool as septic systems leach down to the rock below and then into the Lake.

I have done scuba in every area of the lake and the silt at the bottom is spread throughout. Once one could see only rock or sand on the lake’s bottom but now there are places with several feet of slime that makes visibility zero if touched by a diver! Boaters who want to use the lake are charged an annual fee that has risen making it hard for middle-income people. Steam cleaning will add even more cost and there should be a way to make it less. The lake has become in many ways a place for those who can afford whatever it cost and they are dictating its future. Government, from the state to local towns and villages around the lake, have allowed the deterioration of it by allowing too many homes and camps to be built on its shores without regard for the pollution that comes with them. People feeding geese and ducks and washing their bodies in the lake are also a big problem but this too in not addressed! The camping islands have inadequate sanitary facilities and campers relieve themselves without regard for where the waste will end up.

It is time for everyone to take their share of the blame and do something before it’s too late. Steam cleaning transient boats is not going to solve the problems faced by Lake George. The effects of the pollution in the lake are going to continue as long as a sewer system is not installed and all the steam cleaning in the world won’t make a difference!

Gary P. Guido


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