Lake George needs help

To the Times of Ti:

One has to wonder why all the fuss about Lake George pollution from transient boats is being made! I have been on the lake since the 1940s and have seen a decline in its waters for several years! Long before anyone ever heard of zebra mussels, milfoil or water chestnuts thousands of camps have been dumping wastewater into the lake. With multi-million dollar mansions one would expect sewer systems to be installed around the lake to protect it from contaminants! Even moderate camps are priced out of reach making the lake a playground for those who could well afford to pay for sewers.

Boaters are also at fault dumping porta-potties overboard as well as bilge oil! There was a time when boaters were responsible and boating on the lake was a pleasure. This has changed with cigarette boats flying up and down the lake polluting not only the water but also the quietness! Large cruisers are also a problem going too fast in narrow passages putting out wakes that are damaging the shoreline along the land and islands. The Mohican alone is responsible for more shoreline damage than any other vessel as it plies its way north.

Marinas are all about making money and over the years gas and oil has seeped into every section of the lake. I can remember a time when I could leave my boat at the dock for an entire season and the bottom would be as clean as when I launched it. Now it only takes a few days for a hull to be covered with an oil slick and God knows what else.

I am sure this letter will infuriate some of the offenders I have mentioned but as the saying goes “It is what it is!” For too many years the Lake George Club and others looked at the lake’s demise and have talked a good talk. I believe Lake George is still savable but it will take more than checking transient boats that are a part of the problem!

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